Can You Sue For Phenergan Side Effects?

Can You Sue For Phenergan Side Effects? What is Promethazine?

Patients who have suffered health problems as a result of taking Phenergan IV may be entitled to receive a settlement for medical malpractice injury. Many records are on file documenting Phenergan IV’s numerous side effects. The drug has caused gangrene and subsequent amputation of limbs in some patients. Recently, a professional musician received $2.4 million in settlement money for medical expenses and $5 million for the suffering she experienced after she became a double amputee as a result of being administered arterial Phenergan.

Why is Phenergan Used?

Also known by the generic name promethazine, Phenergan is frequently used for its sedative, anti-motion, anti-nausea, and antihistamine effects. Doctors use it to treat allergic reactions, motion sickness, migraines, and cases requiring sedation. In most situations, Phenergan is a safe and effective medication, but use of IV Phenergan causes numerous severe complications including nerve damage, swelling, abscesses, burning feelings, gangrene, tissue necrosis, and pain. Promethazine is normally used in the emergency room for patients suffering from nausea, vertigo, or migraines that have persisted over a long period.

Negative Side Effects Associated with Phenergan IV

Used incorrectly, Phenergan can cause severe injury by corroding the veins and nearby tissues in IV administration. In severe cases, surgery becomes necessary, and some patients have required limb amputation or skin grafts. The newer recommendations are that 25 mg is the highest concentration of Phenergan that can be safely used in IV administration. These recommendations further state that the drug should be sufficiently diluted and injected slowly. Finally, Phenergan should only be administered in larger veins, not in the hands or wrists. When a patient is going to be given Phenergan IV, he or she should be made aware of Phenergan’s risks and urged to tell a medical professional right away if the drug’s injection causes any pain or burning.

Legal Assistance

Patients who have suffered health problems as a result of Phenergan IV complications should speak to an experienced lawyer right away. Medical malpractice statutes of limitations vary between states, but the doors of opportunity to receive a possible settlement may be closing soon for patients who are eligible to file a claim. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can assist patients in properly filing their claim and obtaining the necessary documentation and expert testimony.