Endometrial Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

If a doctor misdiagnosed your endometrial cancer and you suffered damages, you might qualify for compensation.

If you inform a doctor or health care provider that you are experiencing symptoms of endometrial cancer—like vaginal bleeding after menopause, a change in your menstrual periods, or a mass in your pelvis—they have a professional duty to test for this form of cancer. However, if your doctor misdiagnosed you with something else or did not make a diagnosis at all, you might be able to file for medical malpractice. An endometrial cancer misdiagnosis lawyer can help you in your fight to recover damages.

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When Misdiagnosis of Endometrial Cancer Is Medical Malpractice

If you talked with your doctor about symptoms that should have raised a concern about endometrial cancer, they should have run diagnostic tests or sent you to a specialist for a consultation. If they failed to take these actions or misdiagnosed you with another condition, you might be the victim of medical negligence.

Before we can hold the doctor responsible for their actions, we have to prove the elements of medical malpractice.

You Had a Professional Relationship With the Doctor or Health Care Provider in Question.

Health care providers have a professional duty of care to provide their patients with a high standard of medical treatment. If you had a doctor-patient relationship, your doctor had a duty to try to provide an accurate diagnosis of your endometrial cancer. Proving this professional relationship existed is often the easiest step in the legal process.

Your Doctor’s Cancer Misdiagnosis Represents a Breach of Their Duty of Care.

If another physician with the same training and education would have acted differently than your doctor did, they might have violated the medical standard of care in your case. Often, we can obtain testimony from medical experts to prove this breach of duty.

You Experienced Harm Because of Your Doctor’s Negligent Misdiagnosis.

A cancer misdiagnosis carries serious consequences for patients. Some must undergo more invasive treatment or suffer additional side effects because of the delay. Patients can even die from this form of malpractice . We can use testimony from your current medical team and information from your medical records to show the harm you suffered because of the misdiagnosis.

Your Doctor’s Actions Caused Damages.

The last step in our process is proving your damages. We will collect evidence that shows your financial and emotional losses. The amount of damages you could recover depends on the details of your case, but your settlement could include money for:

The Consequences of This Type of Misdiagnosis

If another doctor discovers your endometrial cancer before the disease has progressed significantly and you start treatment right away, misdiagnosis might not cause significant adverse impacts. Some grades of endometrial cancer are more aggressive than others, however, and a delay can make a difference in your prognosis. The symptoms and side effects of endometrial cancer worsen as time goes on. The disease itself also becomes more lethal for the patient.

How Your Doctor Should Have Diagnosed Your Cancer

Almost all women with endometrial cancer experience unusual vaginal bleeding. Other symptoms can include:

Most doctors would perform a physical and pelvic examination for a patient who reported some of these symptoms. Depending on the results of that exam, they would likely request further testing from a specialist. This testing could include:

It could be medical negligence if you told your doctor about some of these symptoms and they did not run any tests or send you to a specialist to check for endometrial cancer.

How Delayed Diagnosis Impacts Treatments

Depending on the stage and grade of your cancer, your healthcare provider should evaluate the appropriate treatment choices for you. They will determine the combination of options that will give you the best chance of a positive outcome. The four main treatments for endometrial cancer are:

A Misdiagnosis Reduces Your Options and Harms Your Prognosis.

An unreasonable delay in diagnosis can negatively impact your treatment. This is because your doctor can only perform some procedures at certain stages of the disease. If your cancer diagnosis comes at a later stage, you might lose the opportunity for some procedures.

The treatments for later-stage endometrial cancer can also be more invasive, cause more pain, and carry additional harmful side effects than options for early stages of the disease.

If you have to suffer from these harmful effects because of a negligent misdiagnosis, you deserve compensation.

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