Tubal Pregnancy Malpractice

A tubal pregnancy, also known as an ectopic pregnancy, is a result of the fertilization of an egg that is not inside the uterus. In these cases, implantation typically occurs inside the fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancy is the most common reason for miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. When an ectopic pregnancy occurs, a doctor must perform an ectopic surgery to remove the fertilized egg.

The major step in the laparoscopic surgery is to make an incision to remove the egg. It is not typically a difficult surgery and the patient is not required to recuperate long in the hospital. It does not take much time to heal either. If the fallopian tubes have ruptured as a result of the pregnancy, however, there is an increased risk of excessive bleeding, which can be extremely dangerous. The abdomen is opened and the fallopian tubes may be removed. Even with the best doctors, the procedure has its risks. Risks associated with this procedure include infection, hemorrhaging, injury to internal body parts, and a bad reaction to anesthesia.

While doctors are highly skilled professionals, they may make mistakes. Doctors may become negligent or careless with their work, though it is not common. Some doctors may not diagnose a tubal pregnancy correctly, causing the patient to hemorrhage. This can lead to death. During the surgery, negligence occurs if the doctor does not remove the egg correctly. It may continue to develop or cause future tubal pregnancies. Some women are not able to maintain pregnancies after surgery at all. A woman who gets an infection as a result of the surgery may have to have all her reproductive organs removed.