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Having a baby is a joyous occasion that should go smoothly and result in a healthy baby and mother. Unfortunately things do happen and birth injuries occur during more than four million births each year, ranging in severity from minor bruises to loss of the child’s life. By definition, a birth injury is a trauma that happens to the baby during the birthing process. While some birth injuries can be the result of the mother’s health during pregnancy and complications from such during delivery, others are caused by medical negligence of some form.

Causes of Birth Injuries

Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to tell when during the delivery process the birth injury may have occurred.

There are several possible causes of birth injuries:

Birth injuries often lead to permanent damage. There is no way to tell the extent of the damage immediately. Doctors and parents must watch the baby as he or she grows to see how development might be affected.

Types of Birth Injuries

While birth injuries are not necessarily common, the most well-known conditions include the following:


Cerebral palsy is caused by trauma to the baby’s brain during or around the birth. The symptoms of CP are wide and varied, but are basically about the lack of nerve functionality and movement of various body parts and functions. The severity of the effects varies greatly, depending upon the level and type of damage the brain has sustained. Many times the effects are not clearly evident for several years, during which the doctors and parents observe and work with the baby with various development issues.

Birth injuries due to medical negligence are medical malpractice issues. Many of these mistakes could have been prevented if different decisions had been made or decisions had been made in a timely manner. Birth injury lawyers can help you determine if you and your baby are victims of medical negligence.

Birth Injury Malpractice Lawyer