Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Newsome Melton awards the Community Service Scholarship (Scholarship) once per year. Only U.S. students who meet these qualifications are eligible to apply:

Scholarship Committee

A scholarship committee will review applications and select a winner. The scholarship committee’s decision is final. The scholarship committee will not review applications that are incomplete, filled out improperly, or submitted after the application deadline.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The scholarship committee will not consider applicants’ age, race, religion, gender, national origin, familial status, or membership in other protected classes when making its decision.

Notification of Winner

The Scholarship winner will receive notification in January 2020. Given the high volume of applications received, the scholarship committee is unfortunately not able to reply to questions about individual application status.

Privacy Policy

Newsome Melton and the scholarship committee will not give, sell, distribute, or otherwise share applicants’ personal information submitted with their application to third parties. The application materials and any information submitted with the application are the property of Newsome Melton.

Newsome Melton reserves the right to use Scholarship winner’s name and photos on social media, in any announcements, on Newsome Melton websites, in marketing materials, or in communications related to the Scholarship. Applicants agree to public use of their name and image by submitting their application.