Injury Types

Injury Types


Physicians do not always treat their patients with the diligence, mindfulness, and standard of care that should be expected of this critical profession. When rare but unfortunate incidents such as these occur and cause personal harm, injury or trauma to a patient, the laws of the United States entitle them to recourse in a medical malpractice suit.

Most of the time, it is somewhat difficult to handle a medical malpractice case. Because of this, there aren’t many civil injury lawyers who will take on these lawsuits. Malpractice insurance companies will often employ numerous highly skilled attorneys in order to avoid or minimize financial compensation to the patient or patient’s family.

Medical Injury Negligence

One of the harder aspects of filing a successful malpractice suit is establishing that negligence did indeed occur. To achieve this, most medical malpractice lawyers will bring in the services of an expert medical witness. These witnesses are experienced doctors who are able to look over the details of the incident in question to decide whether there was negligence, and determine how it resulted in the patient’s injury.

Patient Injury and Losses

During a medical malpractice suit, the patient (also known as the plaintiff) pursues financial atonement for pain and suffering, lost productivity, associated medical costs, permanent disability, and personal injury. Many times, juries will award the plaintiff with a higher damage amount if disabilities are permanent or if the incident resulted in the patient’s death. However, this amount can vary depending in the state in which the claim was filed.

Medical Injury FAQs

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