Can Patients Sue For Injuries From Liposuction?

Can Patients Sue For Injuries From Liposuction?

Liposuction has long been considered in medical circles as one of the most dangerous forms of plastic surgery. Regardless of the duration of the procedure or the technique with which it is executed, any patient opting for liposuction exposes themselves to certain amount of risk. A recent research study by two prominent plastic surgeons in California confirmed that the estimated rate of death from liposuction surgery was 1 in 5000, approximately 20 times higher than any other type of elective cosmetic surgery.

A majority of these deaths were the result of conditions set forth by improper procedure. Many risk factors were exacerbated by doctors who chose to perform the surgery in an office setting. Without the proper emergency medical equipment, medical staffs were often unable to save patients suffering from plummeting heart rates and blood pressure during the operation.

The Dangerous Liposuction Process

Liposuction is an inherently risky procedure due to the nature of the surgery. Doctors must repeatedly suction out fat by penetrating a vacuum device deep into the body, drastically increasing the likelihood of puncturing a vital organ. In addition, following the procedure patients often experience problems related to blood clotting, especially if they go home after the operation and are not monitored closely by a physician.

Even in Florida, a state which has been lauded for its strict regulations on cosmetic surgery, 8 patients have died from liposuction operations in the past 2 years, including an elderly postal worker who used his a healthy portion of his life savings for the surgery. These statistics clearly exemplify the dangers of liposuction, as well as the lack of awareness regarding the risks.

State Laws and Awareness

After all, few if any media organizations are reporting on the life threatening aspects of plastic surgery. This is despite the fact that following three deaths involving a combination of tummy tuck and liposuction surgeries, the state of Florida instituted an emergency ban of the dual operation for 90 days as the state medical board reevaluated the safety of these operations. However, outside of efforts made by California and Florida, few state governments are alerting the public of the danger.

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