How Much Do Lawyers Charge For Medical Malpractice?

How Much Do Lawyers Charge For Medical Malpractice? Your attorney will charge you a percentage of your settlement, plus fees and other court costs.

As a victim of medical negligence, you could be eligible for substantial compensation to pay for your economic and non-economic damages. If you are like many victims, though, you might be hesitant to file a claim or lawsuit, because you are worried about how much lawyers charge for medical malpractice. Perhaps you have the following questions or concerns:

These questions are legitimate, and you deserve answers for them before deciding to hire an attorney. However, worries about whether you can afford a medical malpractice attorney should not prevent you from having legal representation, especially since most lawyers offer free case evaluations. There, you can ask questions, learn what to expect, receive advice about your options, and learn more about your realistic chances of winning.

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How Will a Lawyer Charge for Handling My Case?

Most medical malpractice attorneys work on contingency. In other words, their fees are contingent upon winning money for you. If they are successful in doing so, they receive a flat, agreed-upon percentage of your medical malpractice settlement.

In a contingency fee agreement, you do not have to pay your lawyer by the hour or agree to a flat rate regardless of the outcome of your case. Another term used to describe a contingency fee arrangement is “no fee if no recovery,” as you face no risk of having to pay a fee if your lawyer does not recover compensation for you.

Contingency fees can vary. Be sure to ask any prospective attorney about the specifics before you make a hiring decision.

Also stipulated in the attorney-client fee arrangement are litigation costs. Lawsuits are not free. There are court costs, expert witness costs, labor costs of hiring investigators, possible expenses associated with accessing medical records and other public records, and more. If your case looks strong, your lawyer might agree to front these costs and then deduct them from your settlement in addition to their contingency fee.

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