Alabama Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Alabama Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Alabama medical malpractice laws

State of Alabama Medical Malpractice Laws

According to the statute of limitations in Alabama, a claim can be started within two years from the date the injury occurred or six months after the initial discovery of the injury. If four or more years have passed following the original injury, it is not possible to start a claim.

Damage Award Limits

The Alabama State Supreme Court has stated that it is unconstitutional to place limits on damage awards.

Joint Defendant Liability

Liability in Alabama is not currently separated between defendants.

Expert Witnesses

All expert witnesses must have a license in the specialty of the defendant and must have been practicing within the last fiscal year.

Attorney Fees

The state of Alabama does not currently place a cap on attorney fees.

Malpractice Damages

According to the medical malpractice laws in Alabama, it is possible to receive compensation for the negligent actions of either a physician or larger entity. It is required that corporations and physicians in Alabama carry insurance for medical liability and post a bond in the event that such an incident occurs.

Informed Consent

A patient gives a physician informed consent prior to receiving medical care or treatment. The physician must fully inform the patient about the treatment he or she will be receiving, if any medications will be administered, potential side effects and what procedures to be used during the treatment are also considered part of the standard care of practice. Medical malpractice occurs when a physician begins treatment without obtaining the patient’s informed consent.

Treatment Addiction

In terms of medical malpractice and an addiction to a prescription drug, addiction can only be considered as a liability if the patient has not been advised of the risks associated with the medication, either in writing or verbally.

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