Idaho Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Idaho Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Idaho medical malpractice laws

Idaho malpractice claims are subject to strict statutes of limitation. With only two exceptions, incidents involving medical malpractice must be brought before the court within two years of the time they transpired. In cases involving injuries due to a foreign object in the body, claimants have two years from the time they first become aware of the injury.

In cases involving injury to a minor child or those deemed as having a disability, the statute of limitations does not begin until the child reaches majority or the disability has ended, but the suit must be filed no longer than six years from the time of the injury.

Award Limits

There is a limit of $250,000, or three times the awarded compensation limit, for noneconomic damages.

Joint Liability

If more than one defendant is implicated in a medical malpractice injury, liability is proportional except in cases where it can be proven harm was intentionally caused. In cases where the claimant’s own behavior contributed to the harm, it must be proven that the medical professional was at greater fault.

Expert Testimony

An expert witness must substantiate the appropriate standard of health care practice.

Claims Against State Agencies

All medical malpractice claims brought against state agencies and their employees must be filed within 180 days of the injury’s discovery.

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