Physician Negligence And Autism

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Finding out that your child has autism can be devastating. While there are many causes of autism, you may be surprised to hear that a doctor’s negligence can be what led to the development of this disorder. For example, certain prescription drugs have been linked to brain damage which causes autism in newborns. If you suspect anything, you will need to go through an investigation with your attorney to see if negligence is involved.

Information On Autism

Autism is a disorder that affects brain development. This affects the mental, intellectual, as well as emotional development and health of a child. Children with autism develop much slower than what is considered normal and cannot function to their full capacity. Autism often goes undiagnosed many times and symptoms become more visible between the ages of 2 and 3.

This disorder is complex and affects how your child communicates verbally as well as nonverbally. Children with autism have problems socializing with others, are often very quiet, and are not expressive. Autistic children also tend to be very set in their ways and repeat a habit or routine as they have a very hard time adapting to changes. Parents with autistic children will have to plan ahead of time when it comes to doing something new and also will have to help the child adapt to simple routines.

Other Symptoms of Autism

Other symptoms of autism include lack of eye contact, lack of talking, lack of emotions, lack of communication, easily disturbed, sensitivity to light and noise, limited motor skills, and inability to recognize social cues. One of the most recognizable signs is the child being disinterested in many things that a normal child would be interested in.

What Actually Causes Autism?

There is not enough conclusive research on what causes this brain disorder in the first place. However, there are many factors that have been identified that develop into autism or make a child more susceptible of developing the condition. This includes genetics, food allergies, immune system problems, environmental toxins, and pharmaceutical drugs. Researchers think that it is a combination of different factors that result in the disorder.