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If your baby suffered a cephalohematoma birth injury, you could have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Cephalohematoma is a birth injury characterized by the pooling of blood between a newborn’s skull and scalp. It occurs in about one to two percent of babies and usually does not lead to further problems. However, this condition is sometimes associated with anemia and jaundice, both of which can be dangerous to newborns and lead to potential long-term damage. Your medical provider and his or her staff have a duty to prevent cephalohematoma from developing into something more serious.

If your baby suffered a cephalohematoma birth injury, you may be entitled to compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit. A cephalohematoma birth injury lawyer from Newsome Melton can help you recover damages. Our attorneys work on a no-win-no-fee basis. We do not charge for our time—you pay us only if we recover compensation for you.

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Your Medical Provider Should Have Made Efforts to Prevent Your Baby from Suffering Cephalohematoma-Related Complications

Even though cephalohematoma is often harmless and resolves itself on its own, it can lead to other conditions that may cause long-term health problems for your baby. It is imperative for your doctor to take every reasonable step possible to prevent this birth injury. If it occurs despite precautions, your doctor has a duty to diagnose it promptly and treat it appropriately.

It starts with recognizing the risk factors for a cephalohematoma birth injury. These include:

If you have one or more risk factors for a cephalohematoma birth injury, your doctor may decide to use a number of techniques to try to make the birth process easier or faster. Even when taking every precaution, these injuries may still occur. When they do, your doctor has a duty to recognize the symptoms right away.

By noticing the symptoms of cephalohematoma, your doctor can monitor the condition and, if necessary, administer appropriate treatment. Anemia and jaundice are two of the biggest concerns. Both conditions may resolve themselves, but if they do not, they can lead to lasting damage. Therefore, it is essential for your doctor to be on top of the situation and make the right call in terms of treatment.

If your baby suffered lasting effects from a cephalohematoma birth injury, there is a good chance your doctor or a member of his or her staff was negligent in the care they provided. We can pursue them for medical malpractice damages. Call 855-633-2757 for a free case evaluation.

The Newsome Melton Team Helps You Build a Compelling Medical Malpractice Case for a Cephalohematoma Birth Injury

You could have a strong case for medical malpractice if your baby suffered a cephalohematoma birth injury. The Newsome Melton team can help you pursue damages from your doctor, his or her staff, or the medical facility where the delivery took place.

We have fought and won many medical malpractice cases involving birth injuries—including cephalohematoma. We understand the elements that comprise a successful case:

Duty of Care

First, we need to prove the responsible party had a duty of care to your baby. All doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, lab technicians, and other medical staff members have this duty to their patients.

Failure to Uphold Duty

Second, we have to demonstrate how the responsible party failed to uphold his or her duty of care. We can show this failure by comparing the party’s actions to those one would expect of a reasonable person in the same situation. A medical expert witness can play the role of the reasonable person. He or she can examine the evidence and testify about how he or she would have responded to the situation.

Cephalohematoma Birth Injury

Third, we must show how the responsible party’s failure led to your child suffering a cephalohematoma birth injury. We will collect substantial evidence to make this connection clear and compelling, including your medical records, statements from subsequent doctors, and expert witness testimony.

Economic or Non-Economic Damages

Last, we will list the damages, both economic and non-economic, that you have incurred as a result of your child’s cephalohematoma birth injury. Then, we will pursue the responsible party or parties for the full list of these damages.

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Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help You Recover Compensation for Your Child’s Cephalohematoma Birth Injury

Our cephalohematoma brain injury lawyers at Newsome Melton can help you recover a long list of damages for your child’s birth injury, including:

Act Quickly or Risk Recovering Nothing

You need to be aware of your state’s deadlines on filing a birth injury medical malpractice lawsuit. All states have statutes of limitations, and their terms can vary wildly from state to state.

The Newsome Melton team can help you stave off any looming deadlines by taking quick legal action. Still, you should not delay, lest you lose your eligibility to recover damages. To speak with a member of our team today, call 855-633-2757.

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