Head Trauma

Child birth malpractice can happen when doctors in a hospital engage in miscommunications, use the wrong tools, prescribe the wrong medications, or are simply suffering from fatigue. Child birth malpractice can also result when a hospital is severely understaffed or when a hospital is not properly sanitized.

When a baby suffers from child birth malpractice during a delivery, then he or she may not display effects until years later. When a baby experiences a lack of oxygen during a delivery, then he or she may then have developmental disabilities. A baby may also suffer from damage to his or her nervous system during a delivery. The effects of damage to a nervous system, however, may not be shown until a baby becomes a toddler who is 3 or 4 years old.

Even if a parent discovers that a baby has experienced this type of damage, then a parent should go ahead and try to investigate the possibility that medical malpractice has occurred.

A baby can also suffer from other more immediate injuries during a delivery. The typical type of injury that occurs during a child birth malpractice is a spinal cord injury.

In other cases, a baby may suffer from horrible head trauma. This type of injury occurs when a baby becomes stuck in the birth canal. However, the problem here is that doctors should usually be able to have equipment that shows a baby has a strong likelihood of becoming stuck in the birth canal. In these sorts of situations, a lawyer will show that a doctor should have done a cesarean section operation instead. When a child’s shoulders become stuck, he or she may be deprived of the oxygen that he or she needs to survive. A baby may even die as a result of this tragic situation.

There are even rare instances when babies suffer from jaundice. Jaundice is a condition that occurs when a baby’s skin turns into a yellow and green color. The yellowing of a baby’s skin can then be a warning sign that other issues exist. A baby may have a weak liver. A baby may also become paralyzed as a result of this condition.

A doctor should always be prepared to handle cases where a child may be infected with jaundice. In these sorts of cases, a doctor should be prepared to give the proper medications to child to deter the further harmful effects of jaundice. If a doctor fails to detect the presence of jaundice in a baby’s skin, then that doctor has likely engaged in a form of child birth malpractice. A lawyer will have the responsibility of assembling the evidence to recover against the doctor who failed to detect the jaundice.

When doctors do not adhere to their responsibilities in the medical profession, then a lawyer must represent the rights of a patient to recover his or her rightful damages. It is very important for a lawyer to recover in these situations.