Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the effects are highly dependent on the severity of the brain injury. Mild injuries may produce only minor effects while a more severe injury can produce life-long effects, disability and even death. Whether a mild or severe TBI has occurred, affected individuals need to seek immediate medical attention and speak with their doctor about any potential long-term effects.

Consequences from Minor TBI

Mood swings, cognitive malfunction or difficulty, frustration, headache, memory difficulties, and attention deficits are the most common effects of a mild TBI. Although they may seem minor at first glance, they can have a significant negative impact on those involved.

Consequences from Severe TBI

Memory loss, a penetrating skull injury, or loss of consciousness for longer than 30 minutes are associated with a severe TBI. This can produce symptoms such as loss of thinking ability, emotional difficulties, limited use of limbs, abnormal language or speech, and comatose states.

How a person recovers from such an injury will depend on each affected individual. While some people may be able to recover some aspects of normal functioning, there are others whose lives will be permanently altered. These effects can impair interactions with friends and family, impede chances of employment, and may require extensive hospitalization and associated expenses.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Sometimes both major and minor traumatic injuries can be the result of medical negligence or malpractice on the part of a physician or facility. Failing to act under the accepted standard of care can lead to a variety of medical issues such as TBI. Should an emergency technician or doctor fail to respond accordingly following a trauma to the head or brain, or otherwise fail to adhere to procedure patients can be permanently affected.

Not all injuries following a procedure or medical incident are the cause of negligence or malpractice. Those individuals who feel they may be the victims of malpractice are encouraged to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in these types of claims. Attorneys in this field of law can review the claim to make sure it is valid, as well as assist clients in collecting the necessary documentation and evidence to support their claim.